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Trump seeds have over 35 years experience in this industry., We are now at the age where we are fussy over quality and aim only to bring the best to market. Our selections of strains are all created by our in-house team (us). We only use the very best genetics in producing the finest FI Master MD's Hybrids First Generation Seeds. The seeds we produce are not your cheep seeds they normally sell for £20.00 each.
Guaranteed Quality 100% Feminised cannabis seeds
Master M.Ds F1 Hybrid First Generation Cannabis Seeds

I also have the pleasure of announcing the birth of our latest family strains, We have called her Matilda she has an Asian brother called Blue Ninja that will be fully put through their tests by our expert quality control team (us) on Germination, Growth, Bud Yield, Flavour, and Effect Before coming to market.   (NOW AVAILABLE) Blue Ninja
We are constantly working on new strains but it takes time so please be patent for the next strains, we are working on 12 new strains at the moment and will be on sale hopefully by spring
We should of had 10 strains for sale but 5 strains got put into one storage bag by mistake,  So it's pot look on them but all very good strains, We have our flag ship Old School Blue Cheese and we have our Girl Scout Cookie x Cali Orange Bud,
Which leaves three strains, Well they were not up to standard, sometimes they just don't taste right or not enough yield or just crap  to be truthful, Like i said we test all our products for quality before thinking of selling the product if it is not up to our standard we will not sell it. And we have very very high standards.
We now have even more strains on the website ,That have passed our quality tests,,,, More to come soon